Steps in doing the spiral perm

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In the modern world, people are concentrating highly on different hairstyles based on the type of profession and the events that they attend. Among the variety of hairstyles most common are the spiral and the straight hair. It is also one of the easy types of hairstyles that you can do both at home and in the parlor. There are also different ways to do a spiral perm and here are some steps involved in the hairstyle.

Step 1: Prepare your hair

It is important to prepare for having an efficient spiral perm. It is highly required to have a clear wash of the hair to remove the oil and grime. You should not scrub the scalp too much but be gentle to your hair. After washing use a soft towel and wipe off the water present in the hair. Do not use the dryer. Do not completely take off all the water let it be little wet to roll a spiral perm.

Step 2: Roll the curls

Grab a small part of the hair and clip them with a thickness of half inches. Have a good wrapper and have a wrap at the top of the hair. Roll and tuck the end of the section in the wrapper. Similarly, roll all the hair in your head separating them into each section. Now, you might have completely wrapped all the hair.

Apply the perm solution by mixing them based on the instructions given by the company. Wait for around 20 minutes and let the solution get into the hair completely.

Step 3: Remove the wrapper

Now after the processing of the hair rinse them thoroughly for around 5 to 8 minutes. Now your hair will get even more solution deep inside till the root of the hair. Now apply some neutralizer to your hair. Follow the same procedure that you did to wrap a spiral perm do the same thing to remove the rods from your hair.

Thoroughly rinse your hair in order to remove the neutralizer present. Do not use shampoo but use some leave-in conditioner. Let your hair to dry from the natural air and do not use any artificial heat in the drying process.

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Step 4: Care the Spiral Perm

After the process of spiral perm does not take a hair wash at least for the time of 48 hours. After that use the gentle moisturizing shampoo and apply some conditioner and take a hair wash at least once in a week. For drying your hair it is better to have them in a natural manner if not you may use the end of your hair dryer and let you blow in a lesser heat.

As a result, you will have a spiral curl and you will be able to look prettier in the new hair and that lasts for several months.

Whenever you are trying for the new hairstyle it is better to know completely about the positive and negative impact of them on your body and have an efficient hairstyle.