About NACS

About NACS

It all started four years ago in the Netherlands when 14 friends decided to participate in an ALS charity swim across the Hellespont River in Turkey. They wanted to support their beloved friend Weert Jan Weerts (1970-2013) who had been diagnosed with ALS in 2006.

They were so inspired by the charity swim in Turkey that 5 of the 14 friends along with their partner House of Sports organized the first official “Amsterdam City Swim” on September 9, 2012 for the benefit of ALS research.

Over 1,100 swimmers jumped into the canals of Amsterdam, swimming 2km, and together raised more than $922,000! In the two subsequent years, the event has both attracted more swimmers and raised more funds for ALS, totaling more than $6 million. In 2013, the Amsterdam City Swim was cited as the most transparent charity in the Netherlands by an influential weekly Dutch magazine. All of the money raised was donated to ALS research, making this the largest fundraising swim event in the Netherlands.

In 2014, the Amsterdam City Swim committed to going global and sought New York City as the first major swim host location outside the Netherlands. This US event has been named the ‘New Amsterdam City Swim’. Did you know that New York used to be called “New Amsterdam” when the Dutch established the city in 1626?

In June 2015, this annual and unique swim event came to New York City. It was a huge success and new traditions were born. The New Amsterdam City swim organization targeted to strengthen the bond between the Netherlands and the United States and more importantly, continue to raise money for medical research to fight ALS.

To continue our goal of more research and more international cooperation in order to find a cure for ALS, the second annual New Amsterdam City Swim is on for Sunday, June 12, 2016!   The NACS Organizing Committee again will contribute all NACS donations to Project MinE, a large-scale research initiative devoted to finding the genetic cause of ALS.

For more information about the Project MinE, please visit, https://www.projectmine.com

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