Safety and health

Safety is of the upmost importance for the NACS Organization. Despite a potential favorable tidal current the conditions in the Hudson River can be challenging. The safety plan of the event is based on a combination of life guards on paddle boards, kayaks, jet skies, and powerboats.

Due to tide shifts, the NACS is jump start only. NO DIVING. Diving is grounds for disqualification.

Water Quality

The historic Hudson River is the swim venue for the NACS. The Hudson River is the cleanest it has been in 30 years and is considered bathing and recreation quality. The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) monitors the testing on a weekly basis in the Hudson River to ensure the water meets the New York Triathlon’s strict standards.

The Hudson River is actually a tidal estuary, where the water floods and ebbs twice a day and flows in and out and cleans itself constantly. The water is cleaner than most people think. We have sewer treatment plants that handle the waste water quite nicely. The challenge arises when we have rain, LOTS of rain. The treatment plants have a hard time to handle all the water. At those moments the water quality could become below standards. After a big rain storm, it will take a day of tides to clean itself.

The readings here are taken after very little rain in the previous days before the water sample and as expected are acceptable.

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Swim Requirements and Swim Safety
The Hudson River is a moving body of water. The conditions at the day of the event cannot be predicted and can vary significantly depending on many factors. Participants are required to meet at least one of the three mandatory Swim Requirements as outlined in this document. Completion of this document is a mandatory part of the registration process. As part of the registration the participant needs to declare that he/she has or will meet the Swim requirements before the event date. In addition and next to the Event Waiver each participant will have to sign the Swim Requirements document.

Water temperature and wetsuits

The water temperature is expected to be around the 60-65 Fahrenheit. We encourage swimmers to wear wetsuits during the swim. The NACS organization strongly recommends that the participants have (outdoors) experience swimming in a wetsuit.