Swimmers will be picked up by boat at Hudson River Park’s Pier 25 (@N Moore Street) and brought upriver. Swimmers will Jump In from the boat to start their 1 mile swim. The swim will end with a short inward diagonal to the finish line at Hudson River Park’s Pier 26 (at N Moore Street) in Tribeca. The course will run straight over the Holland Tunnel- how appropriate!

The Hudson River is unique amongst New York rivers. The tremendous daily flow of fresh water coming out of the Hudson Valley, combined with the incoming salt-water tide from the ocean makes this one of the most biologically rich waterways on the entire East Coast. As the heart of a great tidal estuary the Hudson River’s flow actually changes direction every six hours. Thus scheduling the swim requires a close understanding of the tidal cycle as well as the river’s currents. A safety committee in collaboration with the various water authorities determined the precise route and schedule for the event.

Along the entire route there will be free access for spectators and supporters along the Hudson River Park walkway. Once the swimmers reach the finish line, they will receive their well-deserved medal, robe and towel. Then, they will enjoy a quick shower and get ready for the spectacular Finish Festival!

Jump In!